Our Mission

-To sell, lease and service our products in a professional manner while achieving sufficient volume to obtain maximum penetration.
-To recognize our customer’s needs and work to obtain their complete satisfaction.
-To recognize our employees needs and work to meet their career expectations.
-To develop our customers’ loyalty to both our products and our dealerships.
-To be responsible employer and responsible corporation citizen.
-To maintain a reasonable return for capital invested and for the efforts of our partners.

Values and Guiding Principles

  • Customer are the focus of everything we do. We will strive to exceed their expectations in all we do.
  • Our employees are our intelligence, vitality and greatest resource. Their actions and attitudes diretly influence our customers’ perception which forms our reputation. We are therefore dedicated to providing and environment where they are treated fairly, with respect and as individuals.
  • We know we will achieve significantly greater results working as team, emphasizing each individual’s skills and talents.
  • Officers, Executives and Managers are to serve the company and all partners. Their authority should come from respect they have earned from their fellow workers because of their experience, knowledge, ability and treatment of others.
  • Everyone is entitled to enjoyment and satisfaction from his or her job. We must maintain our sense of humor and make no apologies for having fun while at work.
  • For continuous, long term growth an success, we must strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • Our manufacturers and suppliers are our partners with whom we must maintain respectful and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Our integrity must never be compromised. All decisions and judgments will be made according to what is right, honest and fair. We will not tolerate dishonesty or any compromise to our integrity.
  • Our doors must always be open to all people. We must never discriminate in any way because of race, color, religion, sex, age, personal belief or handicap.