Chad Harty

Chief Financial Officer

I bring five years of previous dealership experience as a CFO of a 600 employee and 8 rooftops group. My focus is dedicated to transactional activities, Accounting, HR, IT, Treasury, and Risk Compliance.

I have a prior background in tax and accounting from public accounting to large corporations. I have served fortune 500 companies in various facets of tax and accounting. Currently, I am an active CPA in the State of Michigan, and I was curious about the retail automotive industry and have loved every moment of it since I made the change.

I recently moved here from Michigan, born and raised, to join DCD in Massachusetts.  My wife of 5 years, previously a State of Michigan Pharmacist, and our two children have accompanied me on the journey and we look forward to raising our children as New Englanders. My leisure time is spent primarily with our children and providing a fun and active life, but prior to having children, my hobbies were marathon running, woodworking, and cars/motorcycles.